July 5, 2013  |  News

Happy 4th of July Weekend! This weekend I’m enjoying some time with family and friends and celebrating America’s Birthday! Last night got me a little teared up during the Armed Forces Salute at the Pacific Symphony concert. The piece is a medley of all of the marches from the different branches of the military. Seeing all of those men who served our country and provided us with freedom standing with pride made me think about how blessed we are to live in the U.S. There is nothing like hearing a crowd of thousands of people singing “America the Beautiful” in unison with live orchestra out under the starry night sky. And the best part of the Fireworks show was hearing “Stars and Stripes” with three piccolos soloing at the end! The concert was a great way to celebrate America! If you’ve never been to a live orchestra and fireworks show on 4th of July, I would definitely recommend it next year. You feel a great sense of community and respect for Americana. Here is a great picture of our box office team before the show, all decked out in red, white and blue.