November 7, 2013  |  News

Occasionally all three of our schedules don’t line up to do a gig so two out of three wheels play and we find a substitute for the third. No one can truly be replaced, but you get the idea! This was the case last week as Rebecca and I drove up to Santa Barbara without Adrienne. It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon and the drive wasn’t too bad because we chatted along the way. Our reward upon arriving in Santa Barbara early in the afternoon was to get a little food and refreshment at the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore. Rebecca’s boyfriend, Tony who owns Ybarra Music, hired us for our gig and was also setting up for another event at this location in the evening, so we got to take a sneak peek. This was the view from the patio.


I had a refreshing cocktail made with grapefruit juice and vodka and a delicious, smokey risotto with fresh kale and porcini mushrooms.

photo 3

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After filling-up on an afternoon snack we walked down to the sea wall to smell the fresh, salty air and enjoy the sunshine. Here is Rebecca, showing off the view. We had a truly relaxing afternoon before work!

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We were hired to play at a cocktail reception at the local Youth Center off of State Street. We were shown all the way to the fourth floor where they were having a roof-top celebration before dinner. This is the view from our seats.

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“Casuals” like this one are always a lot of fun because we can create our own set-list and talk with the guests who are interested in our music. We played a few Latin tunes on this gig, my favorite being an arrangement of “Besame Mucho.”

After the gig, before making the drive back to Los Angeles, Rebecca introduced me to Los Agaves Restaurant which is a casual walk-up style Mexican place. It was really crowded, which is usually a good sign! I had the most AMAZING Cochinita Pibil, which I plan on trying to recreate myself at some point. Stay tuned for that….

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As you can see, Third Wheel gigs take us on a lot of different adventures, not only in the music that we play, but the venues where people want to hear live music!