September 19, 2013  |  News

Fall is just about here, and it has me in the mood to be in the kitchen!

My schedule has kicked into full-gear insanity. When it gets this hectic, I really love to cook up a big recipe and then instantly, I have leftovers to eat for the entire rest of the week!

This week, I made this delicious quinoa casserole. Its taste is just reminiscent enough of mac ‘n’ cheese to seem indulgent, but it has enough spinach and protein-packed quinoa make me think I’m eating something healthy.

quinoa pasta-7672

I love cooking quinoa, it’s sort of magical! These tiny little grains just puff up and turn into pretty translucent jewels. Plus, quinoa is really filling! You can find the recipe for this yummy meal here: Spinach and Cheese Quinoa Casserole. The next time I make this, I might leave out the breadcrumbs. They never seem to crisp up just right for me and they end up loose and falling off. Also, I used fresh spinach instead of frozen and that worked out just fine too.

Third Wheel rehearsal this week was at my place, so I wanted to bake something yummy for breakfast. I have had this Downton Abbey cookbook for awhile and, with Season 4 just around the corner, I have been thinking about it a lot! I found this recipe for sweet cream scones and it was the perfect breakfast treat.

I liked them plain, but Karin had hers with jam and that was delicious too. There’s just something so British and proper about a scone in the morning. If only we had some clotted cream, that would be perfect!

After all this cooking, I still wanted to make something sweet, but I was running out of time.  I spotted this recipe on a great blog, but at first I had a hard time finding the candy corn M&Ms. (Don’t worry, I have them now! Making this recipe as written next week … )

Caramel Apple Cake Mix

What jumped out at me in the grocery store was this caramel apple cake mix. What a great fall flavor! So I tweaked the same recipe and used the caramel apple cake mix, and mixed in some little caramel morsels. Pretty tasty, and just perfect for fall.

What are you making this week?